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MES Forms:

EVSS-1:   Guidelines (PDF FILE)

EVSS-2:   MES Program of Study Form (PDF FILE)

Concurrent Degree Program of Study Form (PDF FILE)

EVSS-3:   Amendment to the Program of Study Form (PDF FILE)

EVSS-4:   Research Advisory Committee Form (PDF FILE)

EVSS-5:   Change in Advisor Form (PDF FILE)

EVSS-6:   Thesis Proposal Form (PDF FILE)

EVSS-7:   Internship Proposal Form (PDF FILE)

EVSS-8:   Defense Notification Form (PDF FILE)

EVSS-9:   Certification of Successful Thesis Form (PDF FILE)

EVSS-10: Fulfillment of Internship Requirements Form (PDF FILE)

Travel:   Travel Authorization Form (contact MES Office)

            MES Student Travel Funding Application - submit a copy of documentation sent to Graduate School for funding

Graduate School Forms:

A complete list of forms is available of the Graduate School website.

Continuous Research Enrollment Form (PDF FILE)

Internship/Thesis Enrollment Form (PDF FILE)

Independent Study Enrollment Form (PDF FILE)

A syllabus must be attached - see SAMPLE INDEPENDENT STUDY SYLLABUS for example

Thesis Release Form (PDF FILE)