Statistics Prerequisites

In order to fulfill the Statistics core requirement of the EVSS Program, students may take either EVSS 624: Biometry or EVSS 659: Environmental Statistics. Both courses require a background in statistics as a prerequisite. 

In order to meet this prerequisite, students MUST have successfully completed one of the following:

  • MATH 250: Statistical Methods I (an undergraduate course offered by the College of Charleston)

  • A college level statistics course, taken at another institution, that is equivalent to MATH 250

Students are strongly encouraged to take MATH 250 to meet this requirement - even those students who have taken statistics courses in the past will find it useful as a refresher course. Sections are offered during the regular academic year. Registration can be completed online through MyCharleston. If you have difficulty registering, please contact the EVSS Program Coordinator.

If you believe that you have already taken a college level statistics course that is the equivalent of MATH 250: Statistical Methods I, please complete the following form. Your information will be forwarded to the Department of Mathematics, where it will be evaluated. You will be notified as soon as a decision has been reached.

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 Example MATH 250: Statistical Methods I

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