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Urban Gardens on Downtown Campus

Consisting of three distinct spaces, our urban gardens are ideal for attracting newcomers. Students without cars are able to easily participate in the hands-on activities required to produce fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as attend workshops to broaden their agricultural knowledge. As their interest evolves, some students transition to joining our events at Dixie Plantation.

Interns (from left to right): Brianna Heupel, Suzanna Ellison, Abby Warman

Downtown Spaces:

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Warren Place Parking Lot (WP Lot)

WP is our largest garden on-campus. Home to vegetable production beds, banana trees, herbs, flowers, and our beloved worms! Our goal is to transform this space into an outdoor education center where students, staff and faculty can reap its harvest and enjoy its beauty.

7 College Way

Though wild several months ago, this garden was given an overhaul as the Sustainable Ag Spring 2017 final project! Using skills developed throughout their internship, our interns planned and implemented a flourishing, lasting, interactive space on-campus. Several varieties of fruit as well as herbs and pollinator species can be found here.

Political Science/Poli Sci (114 Wentworth Street)

This garden is devoted to herbs and spices. It can serve as students’ medicine cabinets or spice rack! With one bed full of herbs for healing, another with kitchen spices, and the last one for women’s empowerment, there is quite the variety! We hope this garden encourages people to use plants more and learn how they affect our bodies.