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Sustainable Agriculture Program

What is the Sustainable Agriculture Program at CofC?

The Sustainable Agriculture Program is comprised of two distinct garden habitats – the Student Garden at Dixie Plantation and three urban gardens on the downtown campus. The gardens are managed by a team of undergraduate interns and graduate assistants. All students are able (and encouraged) to receive academic credit for their work in the Program. While many of our students are receiving their education in Environmental Studies, there are opportunities for students in all fields to become involved in the Program. Rounding out the Sustainable Agriculture Program is the Student Farm and Garden Club. The Club provides a volunteer-base for our efforts and informs decisions about workshops, produce offerings, and marketing.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sustainable Agriculture Program is to provide and support experiential education, research, and food production using sustainable lowcountry gardening practices for the College of Charleston, local schools, and Charleston regional community members. Our garden spaces are places where students can learn firsthand about agriculture, gardening, food systems, and holistic land management by engaging directly with a functioning market garden. The Student Garden at Dixie Plantation aims to provide education in fields as diverse as soil sciences and business development by fostering a sense of ownership and encouraging students to become active participants. Workshops and the Farm and Garden Club are two outlets for students to literally get their hands dirty in our downtown gardens or at Dixie Plantation, and both venues provide students with the opportunity to learn about everything from marketing strategies to the latest in sustainable agriculture techniques. By providing a stake in the life and health of the gardens, rather than mere access, these spaces will allow students to grow both mentally and physically, all while working to get good food to their fellow classmates.

Get Involved!

Volunteers are needed at the Dixie Plantation Workdays every other Saturday from 10 a.m.-noon. Check out the Facebook page, The Student Garden at Dixie Plantation, for upcoming events.

Downtown Urban garden workdays will be posted on the CofC Sustainable Agriculture Facebook page. 

For more information, contact Lucy Davis.