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As described on the Graduate School Office website, students in the MES Program are considered for various assistantships. A limited number of research, staff and teaching assistantships are available annually in all graduate programs and can be awarded to students who are fully admitted, degree-seeking students. Individual programs offer graduate assistantships, as do a number of offices on campus.

A student who is awarded an assistantship is required to carry at least the minimum course load required of a full-time graduate student at the College of Charleston (six hours of graduate coursework per semester) and must maintain a satisfactory grade point average of at least a 3.0 at The Graduate School. A student must be admitted as a degree-seeking student in order to be considered for a graduate assistantship.

Graduate assistantships also carry the possibility of an abatement for out-of-state students, which means these students will pay in-state tuition. The priority deadline to apply for Assistantships and abatement request is March 1st. 


The current minimum stipend for a full-time graduate assistantship is $12,400. The stipend may vary by type of assistantship:
  • Graduate Assistantship - $6,200 per semester
  • Teaching Assistantship - $8,000 per semester
    • $16,000/year
    • To be eligible for a TA, students must have up to 4 foundational classes in the subject (equivalent to a minor) and must show their undergraduate transcript.
  • Research Assistantship - $6,200 per semester (minimum)
    • $20/hr or as a stipend
    • To find these positions, students have to speak with professors and have experience in their department through previous coursework or research.
Teaching and Research Assistantships that may be available include:
  • Teaching Assistantships through the Department of Biology
  • Teaching Assistantships through the Department of Geology
  • Teaching Assistantships through the Department of Physics
  • MES Program Graduate Assistantships for Student Research