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Research and Travel Grants

Graduate School Office and MES Program

Each year the MES Program provides some financial support (up to $500 per student) to assist with student research and to provide funding for students who participate in field-related conferences, a vital component in the professional development of graduate students.

Available funding is awarded on a first come, first serve basis, with priority given to students who receive Graduate Research and Presentation Grants from the Graduate School Office. Students seeking MES Program funding should complete the Graduate School Office Application for Internal Support, and provide a copy of that application to the MES Program Director.


Student applicants must be degree-seeking students in good standing in a College of Charleston graduate program.

For research grants:

  • Applications must include a project description (maximum length 1,000 words) containing a project abstract, a statement of project objectives and methodology, and a discussion of the project's significance and plans for future dissemination

  • A separate budget indicating how the money will be used must also be attached. Students should indicate if they have applied for or been awarded support from some other source.

  • Recipients will be encouraged to present their research results at a Graduate Research Seminar or Poster Session.

For research presentation grants:

  • Applications must include a presentation description (maximum length 500 words) containing a project abstract, an explanation of the presentation format (e.g., poster session, panel presentation), a description of the presentation venue (e.g., international conference, annual meeting), and a confirmation that the presentation has been accepted (or submitted).

  • A separate budget, breaking down costs for transportation, food, accommodation, and registration fees should be attached. Students should also indicate if they have applied for or been awarded support from some other source.

Applicants for both awards must submit an Application for Internal Support from the Graduate School

Applicants with projects involving animal or human participants must also complete the required protocol applications for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Students who receive grant awards must also complete a Final Report upon completion of the project.

Master in Environmental Studies Student Association (MESSA)

MESSA offers a small amount of funding for students in need of research or travel assistance. Awards are disbursed as a reimbursement following the research or travel event. MESSA is in the process of creating an official Research and Travel Grant Application, however current applicants should follow application guidelines outlined in the GSA Research and Travel Grant Application.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) at the College of Charleston awards grants of up to $500 per student per academic year to be used toward conducting or disseminating research done as part of a student’s thesis or capstone project.

  • Awards used for travel are disbursed as a reimbursement following travel
  • Awards used for research activities are accessed using the Grant Procurement Request form

Grant awards may be used towards travel expenses, including airfare, gas, accommodations, and conference/meeting registration fees, or for research needs, such as materials or sample analysis directly related to a thesis or capstone projects. Visit the GSA Research and Travel Grants page for more information and to apply.