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As described on the Graduate School Office website, students in the MES Program are considered for various assistantships. A limited number of research, staff and teaching assistantships are available annually in all graduate programs and can be awarded to students who are fully admitted, degree-seeking students. Individual programs offer graduate assistantships, as do a number of offices on campus.

A student who is awarded an assistantship is required to carry at least the minimum course load required of a full-time graduate student at the College of Charleston (six hours of graduate coursework per semester) and must maintain a satisfactory grade point average of at least a 3.0 at The Graduate School. A student must be admitted as a degree-seeking student in order to be considered for a graduate assistantship.

Graduate assistantships also carry the possibility of an abatement for out-of-state students, which means these students will pay in-state tuition. The deadline for abatement requests is July 1, prior to the start of the academic year.


The current minimum stipend for a full-time graduate assistantship is $12,400. The stipend may vary by type of assistantship:
  • Graduate Assistantship - $6,200 per semester
  • Teaching Assistantship - $8,000 per semester
  • Research Assistantship - $6,200 per semester (minimum)
Teaching and Research Assistantships that may be available include:
  • Teaching Assistantships through the Department of Biology
  • Teaching Assistantships through the Department of Geology
  • Teaching Assistantships through the Department of Physics
  • MES Program Graduate Assistantships for Student Research*

*Graduate Assistantships for Student Research

The MES Program encourages students to apply for Graduate Assistantships for Student Research. The objective of this research program is to provide funding to first and second year students in the MES Program. The Master of Science in Environmental Studies (MES) program at the College of Charleston has funding to support two (2) research projects of a student/faculty team, in which the student will be awarded a Graduate Assistantship and the Faculty advisor will receive funds to support the research topic. The funding support is for two semesters total, either for Fall 2018/Spring 2019 or Spring/Summer 2019. Click here for more information.

The 2018-2019 call for proposals deadline was May 15, 2018. (Information for 2019-2020 proposals will be available soon.)